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What is Code for San José?

We are a group of volunteer developers, designers, researchers, community organizers, and more who collaborate on technical projects that better our community, including websites, civic apps, data visualizations, and media projects.

We create a space for San José’s civic tech community to meet, experiment and collaborate on all kinds of projects through our twice- monthly Civic Hack Nights.

We typically meet twice a month on Thursdays 6:30-9:00pm in downtown San José. Find our next events by joining our Meetup group.

Technical skills are not required to contribute. Project managers, subject matter experts, communications specialists, writers, researchers, community organizers, creatives, designers, developers, data scientists are all welcome!

We are part of the Code for America Brigade Network:

Have more questions about our history and how we operate? See our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Let's collaborate!

Pitch a design, data or coding project for our volunteers to work on. You can share your idea or email us.

Check out our FAQ for more details on how the proposal process works.

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