Heart of the Valley

An open source map visualization of public art and murals in the Valley of the Heart's Delight (South Bay - Bay Area, California)

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About the Project

Our Valley of Heart's Delight (Santa Clara Valley, or the South Bay Area) has so many incredible murals and public art. This open source project visualizes and maps data about local public art and murals. We hope that this will help community members discover the beautiful murals and public art that make our communities vibrant. We also hope the map can help community members discover local artists and creatives in the South Bay.

Inspired by growing number of vibrant local public artwork, Yan-Yin Choy, a volunteer with Code for San Jose, wanted to build community through an interactive public art map. Yan-Yin began discussing this idea with Jennifer Ahn and Juan Carlos Araujo of Empire Seven Studios, a local art studio located in Japantown, San José, California. Yan-Yin and Juan Carlos brainstormed ideas for the map, and Juan Carlos came up with the name Heart of the Valley. The map project began!


Data sources come from public data on art and murals, community input, and the following sources:

Disclaimer: This map is not an endorsement or representation of artists, artwork, art galleries or art collectives. The map is intended for informational purposes.

The data is updated as of March 28, 2018. The map is made with Mapbox GL JS, a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tile and Mapbox styles.

This is an open source project. It is maintained by Code for San José volunteers. Questions about forking or using this project? Read our license.

How to Contribute

Do you want to share data about public art or murals in the South Bay Area? Is there information missing from the map or updated information about a listed public artwork or mural? Please share your feedback with us in the contact form below.

Contribute your skills to make this project better! We need researchers, designers, developers and map enthusiasts! View our GitHub repository.

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