About the pledge

Code for San Jose believes that San Jose should be the world leader in open government and civic innovation. On September 14th, 2014, Code for San Jose drafted and circulated an Open Data Pledge asking candidates to identify where they stand on widely accepted principles of Open Data. The Open Data pledge asked candidates for their commitment in giving citizens open access to government data, as such Open Data policies are shown to enhance civic engagement, increase government transparency and accountability, and spur new opportunities for economic innovation. Below are the candidates who are signatories of the Open Data Pledge to date.

San Jose Open Data Pledge

Government data is a valuable public resource that, when accessible by every community member, can be a powerful tool to support the goals and values of the community. "Open Data" refers to the idea that citizens should have full and open access to government documents, databases, records and transcripts for the purposes of accountability and greater utility. Open Data will help build the public's trust and satisfaction in government, will streamline government's delivery of services, and will create new opportunities for innovation.

I commit to support the following principles of Open Data:

Access: The city shall expand access to information by regularly releasing data that is 1) freely available to be used, shared, and reused by anyone for any purpose, 2) available in digital, machine-readable formats, and 3) available in its entirety and downloadable en masse.

Participation: The city shall enhance and expand opportunities for the public to participate in decision-making processes by 1) publicizing machine-readable agendas and minutes, 2) live streaming meetings, and 3) facilitating opportunities for online public comment for all public bodies including City Council, city boards and commissions.

Collaboration: The city shall enhance and expand its practices of cooperation among city departments, other governmental agencies, the public, and non-profit and private organizations in order to streamline data collection and sharing.

By supporting Open Data efforts, San Jose will build on and enhance opportunities for citizens to inform government, will further develop the city's transparency and accountability, and will support opportunities for innovation and economic development.

I will take steps so that San Jose responds to its citizens' desire for government leaders and entities to adopt these Open Data principles. Furthermore, I will support developing a legal framework to grow a culture of Open Data and will seek feedback about the effectiveness of our Open Data efforts. I commit to working with city officials, departments, and the public to implement Open Data policies in San Jose.

San Jose Candidates who signed the pledge (Special Election 2015)

San Jose: District 4 Race

Mahn Nguyen
has not signed the pledge

Tim Orozco
has signed the pledge

San Jose Candidates who signed the pledge (November 2014 election Cycle)

San Jose Mayor Race

Dave Cortese
has not signed the pledge

Sam Liccardo
has not signed the pledge

San Jose: District 1 Race

Charles "Chappie" Jones
has not signed the pledge

Paul Fong
has not signed the pledge

San Jose: District 3 Race

Don Gagliardi
has signed the pledge

Raul Peralez
has signed the pledge

San Jose: District 7 Race

Maya Esparza
has not signed the pledge

Tam Nguyen
has signed the pledge